Another new day

Man, I kind of want to think of a better name for these blogs, but ANWAYS...

Another new day, and I wasnt even scheduled to go into work and I did LOL. Luckily what I'm doing allows me to be online like this. I'm not too mad about it, considering its just more money going into my check XD TODAYS FRIDAY TOO so I cant be mad when its also the weekeeennddddd! Okay... I havent revealed this yet and I dont know if im allowed to but I smoke weed (i know, CRAZY!) so I had an early wake n bake sesh at 10 am before going into work :P mayb thats why im so chill with being here. Things are finally starting to look up, the days are getting longer and my friends from around town can finally come over and smoke with me and my friends too! I cant wait for the ice cream joint near me to open as well ^_^ I truly dont think anyone reads these, but if you do, what do you think of the bows? I think they're cute :D

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