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long time no see

It's been a super long time since I posted something or was active on here. Idk what to write or what to do here and I don't feel like chatting at all so -- uh just a hi from me. Sometimes I browse profiles but that's pretty much it. 

I've been working on my website primarily, set a bunch of new stuff and drew my OCs as usual, did comm work blablah. Nothing new or interesting to talk about. or.. well, I just feel like I use too many sites I don't need I guess. Whenever I feel like writing something I do it on my blog rather than anywhere else tbh. And if I draw I just update my OCs and their galleries and my main gallery. I don't feel like writing about stuff or showing stuff all the time on sites. It feels unnecessary and repetitive to me. idk how I could have so many socials back then, today it's kinda a waste of time, especially because I just feel like talking to myself with everything I upload. I don't have that feeling on my website which is why I stick to it primarily. It fills me with joy.  so ugh yea sorry for the lack of existing and interaction.. I'm not feeling it

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