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I’m really am pathetic (TW self hate)

I burned my hand with hot glue. Now I’m crying over it. I really am pathetic just like my dad’s. I’m probably being overdramatic. My dad even says that there are people who have it worse than me. I’m always being overdramatic. It feels like we wasps are stinging my hands every time it’s not on something cold. My dad‘s keep on saying if I it really hurts That bad then I need to go to hospital even more Showing I’m just an attention, seeker, I’m really crying in the middle of the night over some burns from a hot glue gun. I didn’t feel this bad when I stuck my hand into a oven to pull out a hot sheet of chicken nuggets what is wrong with me so many other people have it worse then  me my dad says that 1 million times over. i’m cry even more just to write this. I’m using voice chat because it hurts to keep my fingers off of something cold for so long. Why can’t I handle this crying right now and like a little child I thought I grew out of Crying like this, I feel like a child I’m always being dramatic now with how many times my dad says so many people have it worse to me like how my bullies have it worse than me, just because I have a mom who’s rude and mean to me doesn’t mean that I have it the worse it’s not like she beats me. I feel so pathetic I’m supposed  to be grown out of this and supposed to stop being such attention seeker. Why cant I be better? I’m trying so hard but every little thing it feels like I’m falling backwards. Am I really that overdramatic? anyways I don’t care at this point I just want my hands to stop hurting. They feel like wasp hurting and stinging me every time I take them off it feels like my body is burning  it burns Every time I try to touch my hands I can’t. I took a shower earlier and I started crying when I was washing my hair because it burned. Hurt so much to fix my typos. I’m sorry if I have any, I have to fix the blue underline words, but sometimes I have to spelled it out like delete the word and spelled again, and it hurts. I was just trying to be helpful for my drama club why do I have to be in pain? All I do is help that all I want to do. good night or good morning whatever time you guys are reading this. I’m sorry if I bother you don’t feel bad for me. I am usually way better than this is just one of those blue times of the day. I’m just having a midnight blues. Have a great rest of your day/night!^~^

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