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best ice creams ranked with explainations

1. vanilla. easy first place, it can go with anything and if done right it can legitimately turn ur whole day around

2. chocolate fudge. literally such a banger and the fudgy taste is something that no man could ever replicate in the lifetime of eight generations. nothing wrong with this work of art

3. salted caramel. i choose this at all the froyo places and u can never go wrong like it is literally so good bro i can't even describe how delicious this mf is

4. cookies n creme. OMG when i tell u this is a work of art i am not lying. the little chunks of chocolate cookie with the beautiful pairing of the creamy vanilla. it's just like milk and cookies except in ice cream form. and everyone knows how good milk and cookies are...

5. rocky road. you got the chocolate, the caramel, the marshmallow, the fudge. like what more could you ask for when taking a mouth-watering delicious bite of this pablo-picasso-level work of art

6. cherry garcia (ben&jerry's). soooo good. the cherry flavoring is on point and the fact that they add chocolate to it too is like ahhhhh so yummy fr

7. strawberry (cream). not my first pick but when you're craving it you can't think of anything better bro i swear

8. cookie dough. usually the brands wanna be safe and put the shitty factory tasting artificial ass cookie dough that doesn't have the amazing taste of true cookie dough. lowkey weird and when is the last time i or anyone has craved artificial cookie dough

9. pistachio. yummy sometimes but also like who came up with this. only a dad would get this

10. any mf sorbet. yummy but NOT ICE CREAMMM RAHHHH

11. cotton candy. U A CHILD. THIS IS NO ONE'S FAVORITE! :)

no hate to anyone lol this was just for fun i'm not trying anyone with this list. i've left the comments open so if u have a different opinion lmk i'd love to hear y'all out

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