her love

i’ve realized

after spending some time without those rose colored glasses

that her love isn’t quite what i thought it was.

her love is like a tsunami;

it’s quick to enter, it’s insatiable, it’s unbelievable intense

it sweeps you off your feet

but it only works for itself; in its own favor 

because when it stops, her love, it stops.

it pulls back and takes all of your own love with it

leaving you in a state of shock.

just like a tsunami, it recedes so quickly you wonder where it went

and when you look around once more

at the space previously filled with her love

you realize

that there is only wreckage. 

because she does not care to look at what she left,

only at what she has now.

and that is not me. 

i deserve more than a tsunami, than an empty space of debris, than lighting-like love that’s only present when it wishes to be. 

i deserve more. 

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