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This site is going to be my new form of escapism lol

This site has such a good wholesome feel. No blank white 'sleek' capitalism corporate feel, no ad posts or fishy links, no pay-to-access (though you should definitely donate to the sites owner). This site isn't stress inducing, I don't think I've felt this excited to meet new people in years. I'm excited to interact in groups or find friends!

I kind of get to slip away and 'role play' for a bit that it's the early 2000s, and the internet is in it's youth.

Early 2000s internet wasn't amazing, and I wasn't lucky enough to be born to experience much of it (I experienced more early 2010s internet), but I'm so hyped to experience this. Please, friend me and let's talk like it's 2009 and we're excited to make new friends :)

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