crazy emo music and culture based rant

I don't understand at all why everyone doesn't wanna get in on the emo lifestyle. When I tell you I genuinely think it's one of the most perfect versatile lifestyles I've ever seen I MEAN IT. Its literally perfect! Emo culture is the perfect amount of hardcore, pop, sad, happy, angsty, angry, and lovely. It opens a flawless window for having a carefree teenage lifestyle while also being able to express the more angsty and depressing parts of puberty. Also I haven't even mentioned how excellent it is for drama, I love, love, love, love keeping up with celeb drama. Its so totally entertaining. 

I adore living in my own emo fantasy world. 


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my friend is emo but im not, i dont care much for the music nor the fashion, i lean more towards goth and different stuff
i think the cool thing about life is that everyone can like their own thing and even if something is appealing to you it might not be to the next, it doesnt mean that thing is bad or worthy of hate
(sorry if this post wasnt being literal i cant tell)

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Its like vaguely serious...
I understand the appeal of other subcultures and I listen to punk and goth and all that good stuff but dude i'm having the most fun of my life having the 2000's teen mindset.

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im glad u enjoy it but i think some ppl just dont find it appealing which is fine:) /gen

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