analog horror

so I've been *obsessed* with analog horror on youtube, I'm hunting for every new series and I just think it's the best !!!

If you wanna talk about it feel free to send me a message ♡  

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what analogue horror u been watching?

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i started with the well-know ones like Mandela Catalog or Local 58 and Marble hornets. I also love Gemini Home Entertainement and monument myyhos
yesterday I discovered a channel called Vintage Eight it was really good !

by Marylove; ; Report

have you ever seen vita karnis or the backrooms by kane pixels? :)

by DKTR; ; Report

they're both in my playlist ! may watch one of them rn haha
what's your favorite ?

by Marylove; ; Report

in terms of analogue horror, probably mandela catalogue or backrooms, but vita carnis has me really intruiged so far though i have not finished it
i have rlly bad paranoia so i have to watch analysis videos to lessen it lool

by DKTR; ; Report

Okay i'll be watching it tonight then ! I completely understand, i only have time to myself during night time and it can get very scary very quick sometimes, I'm going to watch an explanation haha

by Marylove; ; Report