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mcr ramble

You wanna know what kind of person I am in a bite sized anecdote? I was at half price books browsing the VHS section when I saw Hang 'Em high, (Clint Eastwood) and naturally intrigued my first thought was "huh, so that's what My Chemical Romance was talking about

likeeeeeee bro wtf lmaoooooo

Obviously, I know Hang 'Em High has a lot of references, motifs, and imagery that is a direct nod to western films while existing within the gothic tragedy of the Three Cheers story. (and here I use the term gothic in the true literary sense, the story of Three Cheers is in fact laden with hallmarks of gothic literature, so I'm not necessarily saying it's "goth" in the musical subculture sense but in the literary sense, it definitely is. In the same way A Gothic Romance (red roses for the devil's whore) by Cradle of Filth is truly gothic in composition.) Anyways, returning from that side tangent I genuinely have never seen the film and wasn't aware the title was a direct reference. I'm stoked to watch it for the first time. In fact, it's just the type of thing I wouldn't typically watch but a reminder that broadly influenced media is most intriguing to me and continues to be.  I'm grateful that MCR has been a touchpoint for me discovering lots of other media over the years (discovering things "backwards" in terms of timeline) for example Dawn of the Dead (as referenced in Early Sunsets over Monroeville) Black Flag, Iron Maiden, The Misfits, obviously lmfao (in Life on the Murder Scene, the influences are described as "if Morrissey were in the Misfits" which I find most amusing. Anyways this just turned into a long MCR ramble but hey that's what's up lol 

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