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Vivid dreams, unclear worldview

I've been having crazy vivid dreams lately. I'm talking to people from my past, I'm lucid, I'm interacting with the dream environments dynamically, I'm reading and remembering what was written down in the dreams, shit was wiiiild. My spirits seem to be close by and encouraging me and trying their best to comfort me in some challenging irl situations right now, going as far to give me BIBLE VERSES LOL good shit good shit.

Why the hell spirits are giving me bible verses of all things? hell if I know, I'm still working out my stances on angels, and the various names of G-d, as well as the ramifications of the bronze age collapse. Does might make right? Can I live in a world where appealing to the biggest bully is how to thrive? Are any of those assumptions even legit or is it all some demiurge psyop? lmao I have no idea and it stresses me out

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