Eeeek!!! First Paragraph of the Guilt I Live In!! So excited to continue this!!

TW: Triggering topics included!

I didn’t mean to kill her, my mother, the only person I loved. But I needed the power she had, I grew hungrier and hungrier for power the longer she lived. I couldn’t stand her walking around and acting like she didn’t have a son. So, I crept in her room at night and stabbed her with a sword, four times to the chest. As soon as I saw the blood drip onto her bed sheet, I knew it was over, I was guilty of killing the only person I loved. I knew if I was caught, they’d take me away, so I ran, I ran and never looked back. That’s how I ended up in the smallest village I could find, away from my castle. Everyone here had looked at my clothes and bowed, I was confused until I realized I had forgot to leave my crown at home, so I was still wearing my crown and all its shiny jewels glimmering in the light ever so beautifully. Until a lady had come up to me and asked me a question,

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