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✩ about Moony✩

Call me obsequious, I guess I’m a bit dramatic

Hello everyone! It's me, your trusty wusty good ol' pal, Moony! Welcome to my account ^_^

I'm your average internet-loving teenager who most would call the "weird kid" at school, but that's okay! I'm just trying to make new friends :D

Here's a small link to my rentry where I posted my DNI criteria. If you don't see yourself in this criteria, please interact (Dw, as long as you're not problematic, I'll talk to you) :D DNI IF: (

As everyone knows, my name is Moony/Eden/Icarus and I'm 15 and autistic! I use any pronouns, and I even use Xeno pronouns, so for anyone that feels ashamed to have xeno pronouns, I want to remind you that you're valid ^^

This is my introduction for now. If you're a Vocaloid fan (more specifically a Ghost and pals fan) feel free to ramble to me about the characters (and even if you do not like the things I like, that's okay! Please tell me what you like, and I'll gladly listen and ask questions since I love learning about new things) :3

Anywayz, Byeeee guys <3

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