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dni / byf

since i dont think anyone actually checks my rentry heres my dni


- basic dni criteria
- mike fuentes apologists / defenders
- atl, mgk, yungblud, ronnie radke, or msi defenders*
- mcyt / dsmp fans
- irl shippers, esp larries
- >25 or <13
- proship / neutship / comship
- kyman / cartman x any shippers
- boyfriends webtoon fans
- tcc / true crime fetishizers / apologists / defenders


- along w autism, I HAVE BPD AND HPD. please please please be patient with me!!
- im a minor (15) so dont be weird if ur overage
- im taken but polyam so i dont mind flirting but just. dont be weird
- pls let me know if i do smth wrong or make u uncomfortable!!
- i refer to egbert as june and with she/her. idc if you use john and he/him but pls dont try to start fights w me over it.
- ALLISTICS ASK B4 YOU ADD ME!! even if ur nd if ur allistic please comment and ASK first

*fans who consume critically can interact but defenders pls dni

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