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it doesnt end

jesus christ my leg still feels like it wants to kill me but i cant afford to miss any more work. fml. literally all i talk about is my stupid leg but its so bad. i thought itd be back to normal this morning but nope, sharp pain as soon as i walk out the door. i know i need to rest it but i cant afford to miss any more work or school and i dont have a car. fml.

on another note i got inspired and wrote more songs but morgan and i are still searching for peeps. once my leg gets better i should start spending more time at that dive bar and hopefully find anyone. or i guess if anyone on here is interested the requirements are:

  • you have to be serious about being in a band. i cant deal with anymore people who just like the idea but dont want to commit or put in any effort.
  • you should be a drummer or a guitarist (cause thats who we need..)
  • you cant be a racist piece of shit or etc, its fucking ridiculous how hard it is for some musicians to not be complete and utter assholes
  • you have to live in lincoln or near it (duh)

im not gonna find anything on here but if by some miracle i find anybody just give me your email i guess.

i just dont know why ive had such shitty luck for the past several days. if someone put a curse on me, can u tell me what i did wrong and we can talk it out like adults?

also fun fact my computer crashed while i was writing this post and i had to restart the entire thing.

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