a dream i think about all the time

so in this dream i go to my dads house and when i walk in my step-mum and my 2 step-siblings are completely missing but the weirdest part is that all evidence of them ever being in there was just completely gone all pictures of them gone. all of the things they bought together gone. in my step siblings room everything in there just- gone? and i was just walking everywhere looking for some kind of proof they lived there- i didnt find it. and then i walk into the living room and guess whos there? yep one of my step sisters and i was asking her questions (i cant remember what i was asking) she was looking at me but didnt even reply and then my dad just comes of of no where and behind him was just this blinding light i couldn't see anything behind him cuz of it and he just goes "what are you doing?" and then i just wake up and the reason this dream was so strange is because ive never got along with my step-mum a lot so i really kinda changed how i see her because this dream made me realise how weird it is for her not being there and ive just thought about this dream tones ever since could anyone tell me what this dream could possibly mean i would appreciate it tones     

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