poem #2

When people say that your voice is like music to their ears 

I don’t think they mean it in the way I do 

Your voice is the kind of music that no matter how low I feel 

It makes me feel high 

Your voice is like the sweet sweet sound of a riff when it’s finally polished and perfected 

It’s not just the sound that brings me joy it’s the feeling of pride 

Your voice is the kind of music that leaves a birds mouth, always hitting the perfect notes 

It’s sweet and joyful 

Your voice is now the kind of music that I can’t listen to 

The kind of music that makes me crave to hear your sweet voice one more time 

Your voice makes me wish for good times never had

Your voice is the kind of melody that makes people run and cry 

Your voice is a warning call

But only to those who know it 

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