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i ran out of aderall!!!! i have to do my science homework

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i pray for you. jus blast music really loudly to drown out all the thoughts. always helped me with getting my school work done lmao

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yes!!!1 i got more so i am on it right now again !!! doing math omework.
blasting music is great :#3 my playlits is 20 hours long but usualy i just play the same song on repeat every day. i like the evangelion outro song right now i have listented to all of the varitions on repeat for the past few days, and komm susser tod from the movie,,, its so good!!! also i hae some sewerslvut on my playlist bcuz last summer i binged all their songs and whehn those come on its fun ;.3 i like nightcore songs i lisened to when i was little also , also theres this band pink martinin and htey have a lot of songs in different languagegs they are nice :2

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damn, normally when i need to focus, i just blast like aggressive rap. music kina like "look at me" by XXXTENTACION.

or other loud n aggressive music, doesnt necessarily have to be rap lmao

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