Why Pigeon Nests Look So Sh*tty

Birds build all types of nests, many of which are intricately crafted into sturdy cups with sticks reinforced with mud. But pigeon nests, without an egg, are often overlooked as a random jumble of sticks - as if purposely half-assed. A nest that seems to mock other nests.

These nests may look useless to us but to a pigeon, it's not. When you think about it from a bird perspective, a nest needs to keep an egg from rolling away. In the case of most birds in rural areas with ample trees, that's a nice nest made with sticks and mud, but to a pigeon with concrete ledges and not much to work with, a pile of sticks gets the job done!

a pigeon on a doormat with his feathers all puffed out next to a “nest” made of about 10 sticks in an aimless scatter with an egg in the middle

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It's probably related to their natural habitat (they are called rock doves, after all) plus the fact that they're domesticated (the ones you see in cities are pretty much stray dogs with wings).

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