WHAT IF I POSTED LIL DIARY ENTRIEZ ON HERE SOMETIMEZ not what if cuz im doing it n itz real like it or not lolz. ANYWAYZ today was weird but i saw my bf!!11!!!!1!!1! hez so pretty he getz me all starstrukk. hehe get it like the song- im hilariouz i swear. ANYWAYZ i got over my ex super duper quickly even tho it waz the first time someone ever broke up with me. im just hot like that ig!11!! im listening to a scene playlist rn and itz just making me upset bc I WANNA DREZZ MORE SCEMO SO BAD BUT IM BROKE AS FUCK i watched an acidmilk video so i can probably bullshit my way thru being scemo now tho xp
IM SO BORED I THINK IM GONNA GO TO THE MALL maybe ill beg someone to play pony town with me later 0_o. ANYWAYZ BAI FOR NOWWWW GIVING OUT VIRTUAL HUGGLEZZZ

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