I’m goofy and love the crying cat so here

The crying cat is god, he is amazing. No cat can top crying cat. He is hilarious but perfect. I will always have him in some form as my pfp. I protect crying cat. Have a poem about him.

Crying cat by Finn

Crying cat is a very great cat

He is not a flying bat

He will be loved by one and all

But he will always be small

Everyone loves him,

If you don’t your a dead rat 

That is why the flying cat is the best cat.

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beautiful, I shed a tear

what a poetical masterpiece 🙏

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Thank you Kind human, this is my other account bc I’m stupid and lost my password, anyway you seem cool

by Finn the Silly Cat guy; ; Report

Sorry for the second reply but wanna be friends? It won’t let me send you stuff but if you do can you send me or fix your settings?

by Finn the Silly Cat guy; ; Report

sure!! you should be able to send me messages now because I accepted your friend request ! I set it to only friends

by yemacat; ; Report


by Finn the Silly Cat guy; ; Report

I’m back! Sorry again, I lost my account but this is the very definite one I most likely won’t loose!

by Finn the silly cat man; ; Report

accepted the friend request !

by yemacat; ; Report