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Some Websites I Like

Because I see people sharing websites they find online, I thought maybe I should share some of them that I frequently visit and enjoy going to. Anyway, here they are:

This is a website created by the one and only emma essex, formerly known as Lapfox. I was completely unaware of this site at first, but I found this randomly around 8th grade and now I became wholly interested with what it has.

Found when I was simply reading about the Old Web aesthetic on the aesthetics wikia. It looks cool and basically has that classic geocities layout from years ago.

A drag-and-drop website.

Kahoot is gay go to blooket /j

For those who watch TF2 videos and are still waiting for itself to be back up and running again, here is that works fine as an alternative. It works in a similar fashion as, but there are somethings that require premium (or not. I have no idea as I have never used Here, you can play with the voices of specific characters from pop culture (Mario, Sonic, Spongebob, etc.).

For those who dislike DeviantArt due to all the nasty fetish art that clogs the website. Oh, I'm only kidding!! 


Because I'm horribly sad that Charahub ended its service on March 31 of 2019, I moved to refsheet to upload and work on my characters. It's similar to, but it's free and doesn't require an invitation.

I've used this website because I take my worldbuilding very seriously. I'll put it here if anyone else wants to try.

I'm pretty sure a majority of you know what this website is, but I'll put it here anyway for those who haven't.


I had originally planned to put Vidlii here on this list but as I did some digging of the website, it has come to my attention that the website has been notorious for allowing undesirables and other forms of subhuman filth onto their platform that it has been promptly removed from here. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Well, it looks as though I've gotten some sites down (if not all). If you think there is one I need to discovery, I appreciate it that you recommend them to me.

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