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Welcome To My Blog

Hello my name is Kaya, I've always wanted to get into writing blogs but never knew what route to take with it. I decided its time to bite the bullet. As I write this first entry at my work cubicle Id like to take them time to truly introduce myself and explain what I'd like to write about on here and maybe you can stick around and read if I peak your interest. 

Some of the main topics id like to discuss on my blog involve Psychology, Sexuality, Psychedelic drugs, Mental health, Spirituality, Communism, and many more political topics. If that's something you'd enjoy reading about feel free to stick around and give your kudos! I want to try and make this a weekly thing to have intelligent discussions about the world we live in and our hot takes about the structure of our society. Of course all topics I discuss are opinionated but will have some sort of factual research or educational value to it. 

If you have not noticed already, This is a progressive blog. I am open to all opinions about the world and expanding ideas that benefit and add value to all lives. The main objective is to trigger open discussions and share knowledge with each other. Any hateful, discriminatory, Bigoted opinions that limit conversation under the blog will be dealt with accordingly by being either banned and blocked from the blog. 

With that being said, lets have fun! This isn't all political we will have many conversations that will be mentally engaging and interesting to comment on. I want to interact with more people on here so please feel free to friend me and message me as we get to know each other. You can learn more about me on my profile where I go more in depth about my personality and my interest! 

All in all, lets kick this blog off with an open question. 

If you could create your own society, what would that look like to you? 

- Kaya 

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