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LISTENING TO MY FAVORITE RENARD MIX AGAIN!!! I luv this sm.......it makes me feel so happy :D RENARD IS THE KING OF BREAKCORE!!! My favorite will always be NAMX and TEAM MURDER the Thomas remix is so funny LOL it's my to go songs whenever I blast music I wonder how tired my neighbors are xD more people should lisent to this!!! ITS SO FULL OF ENERGY!!!Β 

Me: :(

Renard: *makes amazing beats*

Me: :)

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π‘œπ“€π’Ά π‘œπ’Έπ’Έπ“Šπ“π“‰ <3

π‘œπ“€π’Ά π‘œπ’Έπ’Έπ“Šπ“π“‰ <3's profile picture

renard is so good ^_^ i agree

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AMAZING TASTE!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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