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Oakville Blobs

I have never been to the west coast of the United States, but Washington state is on my list.  Honestly, anywhere on the west coast is fine with me, but Washington is definitely the most interesting.

However, I have come across a story that makes me question what is really happening over there.  It's the story of the Oakville blobs.

On August 7, 1994, starting around 3:00am, it started raining.  But the rain wasn't simple water.  A police officer who was patrolling the area said that when he turned on his windshield wipers, the rain smeared across his windshield to the point where he couldn't see.  

Residents would wake up in the morning to a strange, translucent substance scattering across a 20 square mile radius.  The described it as being similar to a clear jello that was easily squished in their fingers.  Seriously, could you imagine waking up to some strange blobs and your reaction is to play with it.  Gross.  But, to make it better, people who came in contact with it ended up getting super sick.  They came down with flu-like symptoms that lasted anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months.  And then, to make it worse, this didn't happen just the one time.  This happened 5 different times over the next 3 week.  

Samples ended up being sent off to a microbiologist Mike McDowell to be tested.  He found 2 organisms (psuedomonas fluoresens and enterbacter cloacae).  But then, the samples vanished without a trace.  Mike had come in one day and went to get the samples, and they weren't where they were supposed to be.  When he asked his superiors what had happened to them, he was told "Do not ask".  

So, I guess no one will ever know what happened in Oakville.  There are a bunch of theories, of course, from an airplane dumping waste(gross), to military bombing tests done in the Pacific and the blobs being jellyfish that happened to be there.  A lot of people also think that it is the result of a government doing some creepy biological warfare testing.  Either way, this is such an odd story.

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