Character I created

I created a character called snow 

Snow is a human who was exposed to traumatic experiences his entire life witch effected him mentaly turning him into some sort of Creature although he is still human some features have been mutilated into other lengths, size and appearance in general  

S-sorry because there sorry for what they have done to everyone they have known 

N- for no one cares annymore he was always neglected untill someone wanted to use him and abuse him

O- optimism he's optimistic that it's all gonna be ok he just needs to change and change untill he's nothing like he was before

W- Wishing it whould end snow wishes it whould end the torment and the dreams the Visions .

Snow is a human but his limbs have been distorted our of proportion and are too long and thin his fingers are sharpened and there

He may be human but he doesn't know that he is seen as an animal inhuman something to avoid ,judged for being alive stared at 

These feeling build up into emotions

Sadness rage and anger he cries and cries nights on end  he hurts but no one cares no one care at all 

He gave his everything to change and no one not a single soul cared for him. He wishes he was "normal" but he knows that impossible 

Snow has a voice but chooses not to speak because he's afraid to hurt others 

He has a constant feeling of being stared at judged permanently no matter where 

The voices tell him he's not worth it and he should give up but he doesn't he knows he can change he just doesn't know how he wishes that whould stop but they don't 

………More coming soon idk how to go from here………

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