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On bus to school

(blog date: Wednesday, March 29th, 2023)

Listening to the phonk version Gigachad Theme rn on the bus to my school. I should change the song, I put songs on repeat too much. But I know that if I do that an ad will play because I'm using SoundCloud. Listening to Trees II rn. It did not play an ad like I expected it to.

I came from Twitter, and I'm a little worried about it's current state. Elon shouldn't have been able to buy it, I feel like it's slowly crumbling to the ground. I'm not too worried, of course, but I can see the site's issues. The constant experimentation coming from Elon, the constant outrage about it, the instability and spontaneous direction Twitter is going in. 

Maybe that's a good thing. Everything comes to an end, new things come along. That's life. Twitter won't last forever, nor will Facebook, or Instagram, or any of that. I hope those sites die actually, I'd love to see something new for once. That's why I came here, I don't wanna just move to Insta or Facebook or whatever. 

OMGGG IDC STARTED PLAYING OMGGG I LOVE THIS SONGGGGG!!! IDK THE SINGER BUT IT'S ABOUT A GAY GUY TALKING ABOUT HOW SHITTY HIS LIFE IS BUT HE DOESN'T CARE THAT IT IS... ew my nose is dripping. I just got over a short allergy thing, my nose is still acting up about it though.-- BABY YOU'RE SO PRETTY BUT YOU'RE NOT THE ONE I NEED, MAYBE I'LL BE WEALTHY BUT THAT DON'T MEAN SHIT TO MEE-- this song is such a nice start to my day. Gonna be working in the school store selling popcorn.

I'm a popcorn guy B)

Bus is getting closer to the school, bye bye :D

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