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My crazy 18th birthday 0-o

Hey guys!^^

Yesterday the 28th March was my 18th birthday and it was the craziest day ever. 

The day started off as usual. I woke up and got ready. My auntie (I live with her) bought me those huge helium filled balloons. For those who don´t know. In Germany becoming 18 is a huuge deal, cuz other than in the US for example u r an adult atp. which means u can legally buy anything u want etc..

Anyways, I went to school and had a cute day with my friends there. After school me and one of my besties Zoe went thrift shopping. 

Arriving at the first Second-Hand-Shop we put our bags near the check out so that the employees can keep an eye on it. We did this because I had clothes from home in my bag and I didn´t want to be accussed of stealing smth. So we went along, looked at clothes and tried some things on for about half an hour. We were then ready to pay so we went to grab our bags. 

All of a sudden I see Zoes bag laying completely open on the floor. I told them and they panicked, looked in their bag and their school laptop was gone. Ofc they panicked even more and cried. We talked to the employes and they didn´t see anyone. They advised us to go to the police immediately and call our school. 

After some calming down and reassurance we went outside to call Zoes mom. Arrived outside a sweet elderly russian lady who just barely spoke german talked to us. She had a suspect. A 60 year old Syrian man who goes shopping in this store daily. The lady told us she once saw him steal there but she couldn´t catch him because he flew. I ofc wrote all this down on my phone and asked the lady for her name so that the police has another witness. 

Zoe and me then sat down somewhere near the shop and called Zoes mom. Their mom was so chill about this situation and immediatly called the school. She told us that the IT-guys at our school are looking for a way to secure Zoes school account so that her school stuff doesn´t get lost or become unusable. 

After the call we went to the police. We sat down with the officer in a room and she was asking us what happened, took our personal data and recorded a voice memo explaining the incident. Zoe was quite calm atp and found this situation quite ironic. The police officer wished me a happy b-day too ><. 

We were then done and thought that we might aswell just finish our shopping spree to make the situation a bit better xD. We went to a different Second-Hand shop (kept our bags on our back ofc). I found a cool pair of jeans, a cool emo/y2k crop top, three cute cat paintings, a ring and, the highlight of this day, a hello kitty baking form for 2,50€. Oh and I grabbed some cute early 2000 flower and star charms. 

After paying we walked to the Cemetary behind our school and found a cute bench. I rolled up a j with the half of my last small bud I had and we just chilled for a while. Then we had to catch our bus so we walked to the train station and both went home.

Arrived at home I talked to my aunt about what we´re gonna eat. Every restaurant was closed so we drove to get some Burger King cuy they´re always opened and I love their food. As usual we ate the fries in the car on our way home. Back at home I ate my food and went out with another bestie called ceddo.

We met at a bench near the forest because there aren´t a lot of people. I brought another j I rolled at home with my last half bud. We talked and kinda just let the day end.

Ig I´ll never forget my 18th birthday. A lot of my friends sent me messages wishing me the best etc. which was so sweet.

I hope y'all r entertained by this blog entry xD I wish y'all a good day and I holpe y'all r doing fine!


Jamie <3

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vinnie ⸂⸂⸜(രᴗര๑)⸝⸃⸃

vinnie ⸂⸂⸜(രᴗര๑)⸝⸃⸃'s profile picture

goodness ur 18th was definitely eventful, im so sorry for Zoe I hope their laptop gets returned to them or at least their personal info is kept safe from the thief happy birthday thooo!!!(⁠。⁠・⁠ω⁠・⁠。⁠)⁠ノ⁠♡

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It was a crazy birthday for sure >< thanks you tho! Zoe is much better now and the school and police r doing everything they can

by h!ghand$tupid; ; Report

good to hear that!!

by vinnie ⸂⸂⸜(രᴗര๑)⸝⸃⸃; ; Report

Sam <3

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! I hope everything works out for Zoe.

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Thank you so much! I´m quite sure that the school and police will solve this smh ^^

by h!ghand$tupid; ; Report