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So basically within the past few days I have been dealing w allergies. Like I have a runny nose and horrible cough, I'm pretty sure its allergies. But anyway.. Today in Math class (5th block) a weird guy that bothers me a lot was making his usual weird- funny jokes and at one point he made a pretty funny joke, which caught me off guard and made me choke. It's hard to explain but some mocos and spit came out 😨IT WAS SOOO EMBARRASSINGGGG... I then left class to run to the bathroom and grab some toilet paper in order to blow my nose and when I came back to class he made a face and shook his head. Which made me laugh out loud, even harder than before. Which made the ENTIREE CLASS LOOK AT ME. Some girl even said that my laugh sounded like a donkey. I'm never going to forget about this.

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