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Dear Reader,

           Welcome to my Spacehey account, and more Formally the beginning of my online blog.

           Here, i hope to talk about many things, Records and Music being a large part of it, but my regular day to day happenings and thoughts as well. As for Introductions, My name is Noah, but my Musical Alias and Online Handles name is Glauzzkey. I use the term Alias loosely as my art and online presence are objectively parts of myself. I live in Colorado, mild summers and white winters and springs, I use this weather however, to my advantage, being avid in both Hiking/Exploring, and Snowboarding. I currently work as an In-Home Caregiver and love my job, I take care of one person, and know the Family quite well. In my off time I'm often hanging out with my partner, working on music/DIY, or hanging with one of the handful of people I have the pleasure of calling my friends, among many other hobbies i possess. I have some goals in 2023 that I hope to bring to fruition that I will be able to Divulge the details on at a later date, some of it involves music releases, some invloving other forms of media i can somehow present to the masses, I have a lot in the works and really hope people stick around for the ride. If you're lurking, Hit my Messagebox and pick my brain or strike up a conversation...

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