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heyyyy! we can use different colors

that was a tad bit off topic.

school was okay today. same as usual. wake up, go to my classes, eat lunch, do the rest of my classes, etc. i happen to go to a catholic private school despite me not being catholic (or christian) at all. it was just a school my middle school recommended me so i just went.

it's really ghetto tho. nothing catholic about it. fights happen like almost every single month, it smells like weed 24/7, people smoke weed 24/7, everybody smokes (it could be vape pens, weed pens, cigarettes, anything), sex scandals, just about everything. & our school lunch sucks ass but i like to eat and it's not inedible bad so i still fuck it up (and i take home extras).

it's election season so it's literally flyers everywhere for people trying to run as student senate. we had some folks running come to our class and tell us about themselves and other things like that.

next year, im planning on decorating my locker, and changing up my school uniform a bit.

that was all 4 today!

i might post a gyaru look today since i found my white foundation

toodlez! ( ノ ^o^)ノ

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