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My Only Issue with Spacehey

Let me preface this with saying I totally dig Spacehey. The vibes, immaculate. I love that there's a social media platform that puts on emphasis on personalization and DEemphasizes the centralization we've come to expect from modern social media. There is just one biting issue I've found myself having with the platform.

Could they PLEASE make it easier to add pictures to post? Like, add a feature where you can just add photos directly from your files without having to link them from elsewhere? (I've tried to do just that, but I have come to the conclusion that imgur hates me.) Aside from that though, I love what I've seen of Spacehey so far and I can't wait to meet some people and help build a community here.

-Flip <3

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I agree that this would certainly make things easier, however the reason you have to upload a link is because uploading an image directly would mean SpaceHey has to store and host that image file.

This isn't such an issue when only hosting profile pictures, but with thousands of users on a small platform, it would get very expensive very quickly to pay for the file storage to host all of the images.

So while I definitely agree it would make things easier, I can assume the reason they don't do this is to reduce costs in file storage / hosting. :)

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That's an excellent point. I hadn't considered that actually.

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