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more ab me !!


i dont go by cannibal, i go by canni! ill be 18 on june 18th. im extremely socially awkward, and cannot hold a dry convo at all. lets talk ab conspiracy theories and be silly!!! :3


im a highschool dropout, was easier for me but dont recommend. ill be getting my GED this fall. In the meantime, i have jobs housesitting and babysitting for multiple ppl! ill be aiming to become a mortuary scientist, and eventually own a funeral home! this throws alot of people off, but i absolutely hate the funeral industry. you either have money to take care of your loved ones death, or you go into debt. i cannot stand that and would absolutely work with families to fit their needs, specifically low income households. 

all my hobbiez

i do basically anything crafty. draw, paint, sew, write etc. i lovee reading and giving book recs. same with music! i currently have 5 plants, and love them very dearly. i game! current favs are stardew valley, amnesia, and literally any COD zombies. i also play apex, fortnite ironically, minecraft, and more just ask! im also a collector of.... a LOT. oh and drugz LMAO.

thingz i <3 

games in fav^, music, shows, & movies on my page. video essays, lovee new info. conspiracy theories, spirituality, lucid dreaming, candles, woods/forrest, big fields, & geology. more silly things would be FNAF, clowns, creepypasta lore, & invader zim. 

thingz that make me >:( 

people that dont mind their own business. ofc trans & homophobia, racism, and religion pushers & bashers. keyboard warriors and twitter. i reallyy dislike people that will deny anything, and not keep an open mind. 

if u read all that ILY! have an amazing day xx

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It so cool that you want to be a mortuary scientist! I really want to be an embalmer

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SICK!!! also thanx so much for commenting bc it made me realize a huge tyo :,0

by cannibal; ; Report

typo*** :(.

by cannibal; ; Report