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sometimes i try to embody other people to make an action or interaction way easier but it usually devolves into me watching that person play out the ideal scene in my minds eye while i get too distracted and botch the present. though it is more fun to watch a more skilled and more imposing stranger play out all my obstacles perfectly for me it can be really disappointing when compared to my usual self. 

sometimes the stranger is a real person: a confident girl i see in the halls, i watch how she laughs lightheartedly and makes clever but easily taken quips. a quiet boy, someone stable who doesn't bother himself with how the world views and focuses on how to get by comfortably instead. though sometimes its a tall shadow or a large spider here to engulf or terrify whatever it's up against. and others its shapeshifting and invisibility so i can simply slip away.

and once i've run it over till perfection, it's already been weeks since its happened.

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