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about me, tldr version

you can call me cass, cassidy, or cyassii / cya !! :)

  - 15


 - video games

   - minecraft, persona, fortnite, gta, dbd, cod, etc!!!!

 - music:

   - rap, lofi, "emo pop" (fob), pop, hip hop, rock, jazz, video game music.... yeah basically everything lmao

 - and on the topic of tv/movies, i dont really commit to most things, the shows and movies i can kinda remember watching are on my profile. i watch youtube mostly!!

  - i was diagnosed with depression and anxiety in late 2019/early 2020. so i might be different from my regular self some days. :(

you can find me here!

discord: Cyassii#0713
tiktok: @cyassii
insta: @cyassii
roblox: cyxssii

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