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Heyyyyyyy!! Literally nothing has been happening. Other than me getting worse at typing and spelling. 

I'm going to an NCT Dream concert soon!! I'm so excited!!! I already have my outfits planned out. This is going to be my first concert!!! I can't wait!! 

I'm going to the beach this weekend to celebrate my sister's birthday!!! She was thinking about bringing her boyfriend, but I don't think that's going to happen.

Today was a little lame tbh. I had to stay in my science class for 2 hours. I don't like my science teacher at all. Shes always complaining about something. She just makes me and my whole class mad. No one I know genuinely likes her as a teacher and as a person.

I have a test this Wednesday. It's for my math class and what we've been going over has been pretty easy. I hope this test isn't going to be too difficult. 

Anyway, y'all remember that boy I was in a situationship with over the summer last year? We started talking again and he's even better than I remember. I ended up leaving my boyfriend I think it was last week. I'm not too sure. Right now, ex situationship guy is nothing more than a friend but he keeps kind of hitting on me. Do y'all think he's into me again? Or is he just sad because his girlfriend left him a few months ago. Either way he's pretty cool

Alright that's all I have to say! Take care of yourself and be sure to drink some water! Until next time!!!

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