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Yeah bae we can still be friends, its the just the way you said  you didn't support me for being queer that threw me off.

All jokes aside why do ppl keep insisting that you can be friend with contradicting views. LIKE BRO THESE PPL DONT WANT ME TO HAVE RIGHTS??? WHAT 

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Vere Reve

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RIGHT!!!! ppl be fr ignoring the slowly more extremist climate of right winger/ conservatives--- maybe we can b friends back in 2014 where the only serious debate was gun laws... now n days such a huge amount of em literally want us to die...

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FOR REAL?? And people are all like, "Why can't we be friends"... LIKE BRO??? There are 21 anti-trans laws already passed in the US??? Why would we be friends??

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istg they have zero self awareness or computation skills

by Vere Reve; ; Report