I need help from fictionkins and otherkin experts.

Hello, my name is Océane and my ID is hajime hinata from danganronpa 2 goodbye despair, I've identified with this kin for quite some time, I've found out I was kin just last year but I was in the kincommunity for a year or 2 (maybe?) so I know some things, anyway, I met a canonmate (Nagito Komaeda) on a social app back in may before I fully recognised that I was a hajime kin and that it was my ID (I did go by the name hajime at that time but I didn't use a specific label.) anyway, this person had nagito as their ID and in our canon both our kins had some sort of feeling tension going on, at least in nagito's side it was apparent that he had real feelings for hajime, this canonmate and I bonded really quick and got together for a little while but we would always argue and things ended sour so we seperated, I don't know if it's because nagito and I had feelings for each other in our past lives that I still love him but I don't know what to do, he and I stayed friends as we couldn't really get together, I wonder does your kin memory affect your relationships? because I still have a desire to get back to this specific nagito kin that I met a few months back, the nagito kin also still have feelings for me so I wonder if us being kins is the reason for that? or if it's pure love, yes l'm aware that my relationship was toxic but that was because both of us are/were mentally ill, I have considered getting back together only if the both of us heal and spend time away from each other to do things that we want, separately, so are my feelings for them real or are they because of komahina? (the ship name for nagito and hajime), I need help figuring this out.

Other notes; l'm aromantic so getting romantic feelings is pretty limiting to me

Other other notes; I have befriended other nagito kins just purely for connecting with canonmates, those ones I befriended I have no ill intention of getting with them ever and we're all just friends! I love befriending canonmates

Tldr; hajime hinata kin (aromantic) dated a nagito komaeda kin, things didn't go as planned, they broke up and now hajime kin wants to know if them being kin (from the same universe) is affecting how they feel towards the nagito komaeda kin

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