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Im writing on the toilet during work break

Since my blog post yesterday, I wound up looking around the forums, which I said I wasn't going to do lol. Didn't see much activity. I made a few forum posts, and added a couple users, but quickly began thinking about what I could post here, incase someone stumbles upon my profile and did a little digging. What better to start than just an introduction to my life? I can't think of anything else anyway. 

I'm an obese 27 year old man living in the American Midwest. I was born in a US landmark city but moved further into the cornfields when I was 4. Currently living in the same state, although in a different city that i have been a part of since 3rd grade. That kind of city that has a good look to it. Active city council, city events. Antique stores and local businesses. Farmers markets downtown over Tuesday. 3 different banks. Good school ratings. But the city has a dark underside. Lots of narcotics. I can't recall how many people I knew from school either died or may as well have from heroin. Crackhead peeling their fave scabs in the CVS sink. Drunk women asking preteens for cigarettes. Shootings in white trash suburbs that are positioned centrally  near the elementary schools.... I went to hotel drug parties in my late HS years.

I live in a dark dank dingy 250sqft studio apartment that was converted from a garage space. The previous tenent, a pipe smoker, lived there for 30 years before me. The smell and atain of tar on the three-walled wood paneling can tell you that. No heat in the winter, or AC in summer. Bug infested. Stinkbugs in the curtains. Roaches scurry from their hiding place to molt at least once a month. Since the weather is warming up, I can expect a couple scooter hornets squeeze of the crawlspace in my bathroom, looking for a place to out a new hive. They have been doing so for the past 2 years, but I prepared with raid spray this tim around. Mold behind the sink and above the stove cabinets. I either pray it's not black or ignore that it is I forget. The landlord gives me mold spray and insect home defence instead of an exterminator. But I pay $250 a month for the space. I can afford to move out to a standard 1bedroom apartment, but i can deal with a lot for rent that low. I live there with my cat, which I got as a sweet 16 present. She's a black and white tuxedo with separation anxiety and lots of sass. She currently has a bald spot on her butt where she likes to be pet. Since I was gone for 6 weeks, she has been petting herself.

I work 3rd shift as a hotel receptionist. I was away from home for so long because I had to live here (I should mention I am here at work right now as I write this, but I am off toilet now teehee). My bosses(husband wife and son)went on vacation back home to India to get away from the l cold weather and see their family. I was posted up in one of the hotel rooms, and my commute was one flight of stairs. Not complaining here, it was nice to not have familial bickering in foreign languages in my ears everyday lol. There's a lot of down time here. I can do most of my work in less than half a day. I remember a time we were so slow I would actually play video games on my laptop for 4-5 hours a day, and getting paid for it. The hotel is located in undeveloped town directly off of the highway. A couple fast food joints. A gas station. An apartment complex of maybe 50 but it's hardly filled. Basically a transition town, refuel and keep driving. No one who works here, or stays here, actually lives here. The nearest home(apart from the complex) is 10 miles away. That means that there's alot of wildlife here. It all comes awake at night. A doe and her 3 fawns will stare at me while on my smoke breaks. You can see glowing eyes from the sewer drains. The same Luna moth stayed in the area for 4 days once. 

During my off time I like to work on making music, if I have the creative energy for it. When I was young, I got karaoke karaoke revolution for PS2 because I ate a frog leg at a Chinese buffet. I loved music and singing ever since. My current instrument arsenal is; guitars (acoustic and electric), ukulele, harmonica, mouth harp, MIDI keyboard, blue yeti microphone. My current project is working on a cover song album to release all at once. I have a SoundCloud page of other cover songs I've done but I'm not sharing sorry. Maybe one day I will have enough courage and transparency to create my own original music. But since most days I don't have the energy to do even my chores, much less realizing more lifefulfulling goals, I mostly just smoke too weed and watch brainrot TV.

I think that's enough for now. To anyone who found this blog post and got this far, I hope it was entertaining enough. Writing this out gave me a few more ideas on what to talk about next. But now I gotta go. Floors won't sweep themselves.

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