funky dream #1

So the dream started with me at my computer with my boyfriend talking about how broken down and literally unusable it has become and then lightning from a storm outside kept like repeatedly trying to strike the computer and we were like holy shit god fucking hates my computer and I had to put a rubber mat on the window that kind of looked like a bath mat that I found in the computer and for some reason it had hannah montanna on it and I also found it stored in the fridge.  Moving on from that when I got the mat out of the fridge we noticed that the fridge was flooded with water so we + now my family started cleaning it out and it like had a garden of mushrooms that transported us to a fairy land and there was like an evil larger green fairy queen that was my mother and some random ass other fairys mother I had never met in my life don't know who my brain stole their face from and then two other ones that were definitely my boyfriend and a girl I went to high school with and I was like not happy cause I was like getting hunted by the mom fairy and like these giant monsters she created to hunt me down so the three other fairy dudes helped me escape and we had to stay out of her sighting and collect three different colors from different world and it was green yellow and red and then get the purple color from the fairy world to free me and we did it after i almost fell out of the world like a video game and i was free

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