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i hate school

i have school tomorrowwwwwwwwwwwww

at least it's only a few more weeks before school gets let out! i have that to be excited for but i can't wait for friday again. friday is the best day of the week hands down. i know that it will be mostly reviewing for tests from here on out but I hate it so muchhh, all i wanna do is listen to music and hang out with my friends. its wtv tho, i guess ill just review good so i can move on next year. i missed a lot of school but im a good student. i just really need to pay attention and pass my classes for this last report card. UGH IM FAILING SPANISH THOOO.. like i know spanish that's not the problem its the fact i dont like speaking spanish bcz its sooo embarassing. I feel like i can't speak right but its okayyy. 

anyway i was thinking about asking two of my friends to hang out this weekend at the mall, i hope the say yes and its only us three!!! 

okay that was all for this blog, ill see you guys tmmr! :)


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