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introductionnn, does anyone still do these?

   hiiii, i'm completely new to this website and hardly know what i'm doing haha. i hope to learn and get familiar, though!!! <3

  my name is valentine (u can call me val :D) and i use he/him pronouns (masc terms only!!).i'm 16 and i mostly love video games like project sekai, bandori, enstars, sdv, pokemon, but i adore other medias hehe. i hope to join some groups??? 

  i have seen somee kin lists here so why not?? i kin sayo hikawa, toya aoyagi, haruka kiritani, celeste ludenberg, ran mitake and soo much more. kinning is purely 4 fun 4 me so i don't take 'dblz' badly? kins<friends <3

 i write!! i have an ao3 and am also working on original works that i?? may want published one day?? 

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