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Jamies’s first blog, yay!

Hey guys! ^^

Ig first of all I should tell u a lil about myself.

I’m Jay, 18 years old and I live in Germany with my aunt and a cute and small cat called Whiskey :3 maybe as soon as I figured out how to insert a photo into here I can show u him! For now u have to imagine a small british shorthair car with dark grey stripes on light grey fur with gorgeous green eyes. ^^ I don’t have lot’s of friends and I’m generally more of a loner tbh but I love chatting online so don’t be shy to text me  :D

I hope at least someone ends up on this account lol

Anyways, I’m quite tired (it’s 11:30pm which is past my bed time hehe).

Good night see ya tmr! <3 

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i love British shorthairs :'))) id kill for a white and grey one

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He’s a weird lil guy but I love him so much ><

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i bet. hope you can post pictures of him soon :,)) i needa figure out how to post pictures of my cat as well lmao

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Welcome to Spacehey, friend! ☆

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hey hey, friend^^

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