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bleh *-*

im so tired of plp sumtimes its like im not even me anymore because i have 2 pretend 2 be sum1 im not *-*

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Why do you pretend

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if I don't then who will like me

by ^* Alli *^; ; Report

What about you do you think people wont like you, there is no real friendship if they can't accept you for you

by DonDoe404; ; Report

ig ive never really been 1 4 being myself around others I jus see how people act an act the same way hoping they will like me

by ^* Alli *^; ; Report

I can understand that, wanting to fit in, so you act the same way as them

by DonDoe404; ; Report

exactly how I would say it

by ^* Alli *^; ; Report