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post-pandemic mind fucks(?)

I've started to realize that as a result of the pandemic I have total disconnect from my age... like it started at the end of my eighth grade year(?) and when I think about it I truly feel like I haven't grown beyond that point. nor does it really click that I'm not 14/15 anymore sometimes... it sucks and I'm really trying to work on it.

(Does this make sense??)

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I’m 18 now and I still feel like I’m 15. It’s so weird to know that I’m old enough to buy cigs, alcohol etc like whaaat in my head I’m just a kid. Now that I’m “an adult” there is so much responsibility but idfk how to handle that 3
Team emo-kid forever!!!

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I feel the same way- the pandemic started when i was a sophomore (16 specifically), and now Im gonna be 20 in like 5 months. When people remind me, it doesn't feel real. Like there's no way theres been THAT MUCH time that's passed when I can barely remember any of it (╯︵╰,)

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