Leaving a Narcissist

Final Goodbye

Love shouldn't hurt, or so they say,
Yet here we are, repeating the same play.
You come and go, leaving me in tears,
Blaming me for everything, stoking my fears.

I try to move on, to forget your name,
But you come back, declaring you've changed.
I let you in, hoping things will be different,
But it's the same old story, just a different script.

You hide your phone, you keep me guessing,
Leaving me to wonder if you're really confessing.
I deserve more than this, more than your games,
More than your love that flickers like flames.

So I'm standing up for myself, taking a stand,
Drawing a line in the sand.
I deserve love that's real and true,
And I won't settle for anything less, not even with you.

So goodbye, my love, it's time to move on,
To find someone who won't treat me wrong.
I'll find a love that's steady and sure,
A love that's forever, and will always endure.

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