Learn to self-love

Hi! This morning, I found a pimple on my chin. Now you might think that it's weird, that I'm writing about that on here. But it made me think, everyday we grow. Both physically and mentally, and a few days ago I started reading this book "Train your inner fitness". Basically how to learn to love yourself. I have always had it tough with the concept ''self love''. What do you need to do to love yourself? That's not something I can answer, it really does depend on the person. Personally, I have to build myself a bigger, and stronger social circle.

Now I have been thinking about how I'm going to do this. First I have to change my sleep, instead of sleeping 10pm-6:30 am I am gonna sleep 9pm-6am. It will give me less time dealing with my dads gf in the evening and more time to reflect over my day in the morning. 

The second thing I have to do is strengthen my morning routine. I am going to do this by doing a full face of makeup and eating something healthy for breakfast, something that is good for my body but also good for my taste buds. 

But then comes the hard part. School and socializing. I've liked this one guy for a while now but I have never actually gotten the courage to speak to him. I think the main reason for that is, I don't know what to say. It would be weird if I just walk up to him and be like ''hey ur hot give me ur snap'' but now I FINALLY have a reason to talk to him!! So here's my plan:

1. I see him at a lunch table with his mates in the school cafeteria.

2. I walk up to his table with one of my friends and one of them asks why I'm choosing to sit there.

3. Now, I don't want to seem like a nerd (though I am and there is no doubt in that but I want them to get a good first impression of me) so therefore I tell them that I have a PT. Aka Private Trainer, and this PT (the book) has told me that I have to start talking to new people to build my social circle. 

4. AND BAM now he knows who I am, and I have a HUGE PIMPLE ON MY FACE! But who cares, it's just part of puberty. Because when ur 16, that's when life starts for real.

But that was all for today and I will update y'all on my journey to grow as a person, because when I get my life together I can finally feel worthy of loving myself!

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