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im not okay music video rant because this is like my favourite video ever

this rant is lame and personal to me in a lame way. yes i rant about mcr a lot, im autistic

i love how the loser kids in "im not okay i promise" the music video are fucking losers. i love it so hard. i love how they incorporated things from when they were teenagers, like with ray biting a crayon cuz he liked a girl. it makes it more real, they were losers as teenagers. theyre losers now. and theyre making HIT RECORDS FOR MILLIONS OF FANS! they know what it was like! they get it! you know how fucking much that means to me?? the big celebrity people understanding??! i might cry! thats how much!

i love the starting sequence about him not knowing how to swim or do anything that makes someone cool, but he doesnt care. he doesnt wanna make it! i have never wanted to make it to a big screen or anything, its not about that, its about having an experience. and i bet if he wasnt cut off thats what he wouldve said. him explaining that to his friend is so fucking real man, ive been there. i love seeing these people go where ive been, acknowledgement that as much as anyone else is a person who is shown in a movie or a trailer, people like me are too. speaking of him not swimming, that scene with the diving board and the row of students is so amazing and its only shown for 10 seconds tops. thats another thing thats so great about this video, so many small things tied into one big ball of understanding. gerard stands alone on the diving board even after everyone else has dived, unprepared and fully dressed. it kind of hits something in me to see the kind of deserted abandonment of knowing everyone else is going on without you doing the right thing but you havent even got the right uniform. where to start? and the black screen asks "have you ever felt alone?" and it just all ties together into a punch to the gut. have you felt like you were the only one that couldnt swim surrounded by perfect divers?

the sequence where theyre all eating lunch and frank gets a fuckin sammy thrown at him is SO RELATEABLE. its a blatant display of the bullying that the teenagers have to deal with. gerard just gives a gentle head shake of disaproval, but theres no surprise. this is something they deal with ALL THE TIME! and gerards still there for him! you would think something like getting sandwiches thrown at you is just a stereotypical bully thing that doesnt really happen, but it does. seeing that happen to someone as cool as frank iero, even if its just in a music video, HITS ME. i feel lame for knowing it has that effect on me, but i fucking love these guys so much man. (this is why i made the gif of it my banner thing despite it totally not fitting the theme)

i love gerard just going wild in the lipsyncing scene. just rolling around on the ground. shaking and having all his hair in his face. hes passionate and loud and just so fucking feral. i love it. i love it when gerard does that shit. it just feels so safe and understanding. im so used to seeing gentle, soft, beautiful lips and hair and its all coordinated and good, and i never see anyone like me. he just fully lets go. and ALLL the band members are just going wild. theyre PLAYING. theyre focused on the playing. immersed. theyre all together and no one calls anyone weird or gives a judging look because theyre okay with being like this. theyre all weird and theyre all together. i love it so much man. I FUCKING LOVE THIS VIDEO!

i havent even mentioned how loveable it all is. you see this characters and you want more. you want the movie thats being advertised in this trailer. you know these characters would let you see yourself in something. you know the hijinks they got around to would be entertaining, their dynamics would be comedic. the scene in the locker room where frank says "ooh you have something in your eye" FUCKIN HILARIOUS! maybe its my autistic passion but every time i see this music video it brings out intense joy in me. 


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