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ab me thingie ( stolen bee tee dubs :P )

name: sydnee

nickname: syd

pronouns: she/her

how old are you: 15

zodiac sign: sagittarius

current location: bedroom

eye color: brown

hair color: chocolate brown ?? dark brown ??

height: 5'0

your heritage: vietnamese

what's your middle name: tran

shoe's you wore today: jordan 1s

your weakness: men whimpering.

your fear: huge bugs, the dark, thunder, clowns, failure

have you ever ridden a mechanical bull: yes

do you want to: definitely not

goal you would like to achieve this year: idk pass my freshman year or sm like that bc my parents would def kill me if i dont

first thought when you wake up: i hope i dont have to wake up again tmr

best physical feature: hair, eyes

who is your bestest friend: joyce + abby + sayuri

when is your bedtime: ion have a bedtime but on school days i go to bed at like 9:30 or 10pm

your most cherished memory: idk 

pepsi or coke: none. arizona tea 🔛🔝

McDonald’s or burger king: mcdonalds 

single or group dates: single 

what is the last song you sang: #doyalike

does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive: definitely

what is your biggest pet peeve: ppl who cant get the hint that u dont wanna talk to them, ppl who chew w their mouth open or r loud chewers

do you drink: no but i tend to drink a bit out of my dad's alcohol @ parties sometimes..

ever been drunk: no

do you smoke: i used to vape when im w friends but not anymore bc i learned that vaping is so not cool !!!!!!!

do you sing: w friends yea or when im alone

what color underwear do you have on: wtf

do you want to go to college: no

have you ever been in love: yes 

do you want to get married: no

do you believe in yourself: sometimes

do you believe in others: depends

do you like thunderstorms: no im terrified of thunder

do you play an instrument: i used to play the recorder (it was part of the school's curriculum.), piano, and violin but not anymore

what do you want to be when you grow up: dead

how many tattoo's do you have: none

how many piercings do you have: 1


shoes: nike, converse, vans, bapesta

radio station: idk i listen to my own playlist when im in the car 

drink: arizona tea

Car: japanese cars (specifically racing cars)

place: the mall

song: kapitol denim - lucki & future | keke - 6ix9ine & fetty wap | drunk - keshi | ice on my baby - yung bleu & kevin gates | split - yeat | and many many moreeeee

movie: any of the scream movies | thirteen | mid90s | street dreams

moment: when he called me by my nickname for the first time (he always calls me sydnee so when he called me by my nickname it sorta gave me butterflies or sm..) + randomly said bye to me as i was leaving school (bc he never says bye to me when i leave school) + vandalizing the school bathroom w my friends n spending the whole detention giggling n whispering + playing hide n seek and tag at the mall (we got kicked out of 3 different stores LMFAO)

color: dark red

meal: bún bò huế + hủ tiếu bò viên + js plain bread


favorite eye color: brown or green

favorite hair color: brown/black 4 guys n girls | dark red 4 girls 🤭

short or long hair: idk like medium-ish but not too overgrown for men | long for girls

height: taller

body type: idc

does ethnicity matter: no, but asians/hispanics/darkskins r so fine tbh

piercings: sure idgaf

tattoos: sure idc


do you think you are attractive: my friends thinks im attractive

are you attracted to someone who does not know it: im pretty sure he knows now..

would you like to be someones fantasy: idk what this means 

hunter or hunted: lmaooo tf

do you kiss with your eyes closed or open: closed

a little or a lot of tongue: none.

older or younger: older

lights on/lights off or candle light: candle light

do you like to cuddle in general: definitely


what is todays date: march 24 2023

what time is it: 10pm

who are you thinking of: him (help me ive never been so obsessed w a guy before i think he manifested me or some shit)

what are you listening to: goin' to hell - kankan 

do you love someone: idk if i js like like him or love him

do you know where your mechanical bull is: ion know probs in a storage room or sm b4 they take it out again for fall festivals/carnivals

does someone love youim p sure yea

is it raining: no

how many myspace friends do you have: idk like 30 or sm like that

are you happy: im content rn

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