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Subject? Uh Day 1?

Well then

At this point I will Try anything.

FYI  I Ain't social so I might just end up talking to myself most of the time. 

My Communities like Amino, Project z are practilly dead or just dying. 

And most of the time they are filled with minors so thats a already a red zone. (Fyi these communities have adults but they stick in their own little bubble)

Anyway I was never really to kin on Facebook, instra, tumbler. and other social medias. So, ill just post here.   As you can tell I'm cant spell for shit and before you can come for me Im Dyslesic.... I can't even spell the damn word.

anyway this is my first blog.... i will be posting shitty stuff now. 

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Welcome to this smol retro corner of the internet~ There does seem to be a lot of kids here too but I haven’t had too hard a time finding my fellow millennials so that’s cool~

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