An Actual Review of Thunderpants (2003)

Let's cut to the chase, this movie is a gas! A great big Cheeser, a Raspberry Tart, a Hart and Dart, a Horse and Cart, a D’Oyley Carte! Maybe even a real Bronx Cheer!

It's a kid's movie about farts...

A quick overview of the film's plot so SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

Thunderpants is the truly rip roaring story of Patrick Smash, a boy who can't stop farting. Born in what resembles Soviet Britain the ceaseless flatulence not only drives his father to abandon his wife and older child, but also leads to his mother drinking. This is followed by Patrick going to school where he is endlessly ridiculed by all, including the adults. His only friend being Allen A. Allen, a boy who has no sense of smell (and who must be partially deaf to ignore the concussive blasts from his friends ass). Allen being a Doc Brown style genius eventually agrees to help build a pair of airtight rubber shorts (the titular Thunderpants) to contain Patrick's frequent flatus. Eventually they decide to use the vaporous effluence to power the flying machine Allen has been building. This is the only machine to work, as all the others are built by a collection of village idiots who seem to have no understanding of flight despite the fact that everyone seems obsessed with the space program the US is running. Needless to say after they win Allen is recruited by the US government to work on rescuing stranded astronauts and leaves without telling Patrick, who immediately signs on with the local creep/opera singer who covets the young boy's ass. For you see Patrick has a sonorous sphincter that can hit an impossibly high note. Then we jump straight into a mildly racist travel montage as the opera singer travels the world claiming all the credit, this ends with Patrick committing manslaughter and being sentenced to death by firing squad. Then, in the nick of time, the US government sweeps in and saves him so they can harness his powers to launch the rescue rocket. Queue inspiring speech of how Patrick is willing to fly off to his near certain death, and everyone who hated and tortured him crying. Then Launch and return, ending with Patrick riding in the Kennedy Assassination-mobile.

Ok, so with the "plot" out of the way we can discuss the absolute absurdity this film is.
This is filmed with more than lazy fart and poop jokes, the cast contains a number of big names! Rupert Grint, fresh off the Harry Potter set, takes center stage as the ridiculous Allen A. Allen with his strikingly cheesy line delivery and poor accent. Stephen Fry really cuts down Patrick as the prosecuting lawyer and sentences him to death. Keira Knightly stole the one scene she was randomly in without full credit (no really, she is in this movie just out of nowhere).

This film looks like they stole sets and costume from a movie about people dying under Soviet rule, everything in Britain is green (literally there are maybe 3 shots that aren't FILLED with green) making it look like they stole lenses and filters off the set of the Matrix. The set design shifts radically between 1920-30s depression, and random bits of 90s tech. It really is distracting to watch a movie and have no idea when it is meant to be set in time with a variance of up to 60 years!

The endless use of green is confounding, every change in costume for Patrick just raises more questions for the world this film is set in. You have adults who seem to just carry vials of poison on their person at all times and have no concerns using it on a child. A attempted murder by a child on another child via nuclear fart, this is separate from the actual murder committed. several characters with names like Allen A Allen and Johnson J. Johnson as a show of just poor writing. "Not NASA" is run by child slave labor, and overseen by a southern preacher who calls a child a fruit. The frequent suggestions that the main character is mentally deficient...

Overall it is a honestly poor attempt at a wacky kids film, with a depressing message of "Everyone hates you until they find a way to use what makes you unique for their own gain" as the Opera singer only like Patrick for propelling his career, and everyone else only accepts him when they can use his ass to blast off to space. Hell, they are willing to let him risk a %71 chance of dying horribly in the launch!

In the end it isn't as terrible as some movies, the hammy acting from the young stars is funny. The fact that EVERY character is a ridiculous characature (the head of the knockoff NASA is a southern baptist preacher man...) who deliver their lines with complete conviction makes the film much more enjoyable. Like most films reviewed here I highly recommend watching with friends so you can rant and rave at how ludicrous it is. Maybe take a shot when you spot a scene that is free from the color green? though you won't get very drunk....

In totality i think only one line really sums up this movie:
"LETS BLOW ASS!!!" - General Ed. Sheppard

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Yo my buddy Eric went through something like this!

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